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We Can't help Everyone, but We Can Start With Someone

It all started when my colleague and I spoke about the rising rates of autism in NJ, and the lack of effective treatment that was available. This placed a huge strain on families to find providers. More specifically,  children need one-to-one services over long periods of time which require many people to fill that demand. That demand was being placed in the field of behavioral health, which we were currently in. 

The shortage of providers was being compounded by the already lengthy process families go through to get assistance-waiting for referrals and doctor appointments. Families couldn't afford to wait for treatment too, after having already waited a year or longer for just the doctors appointment, which only starts the treatment process.

As we spoke to more and more families they all had similar stories. The trend was clear. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find providers in the Central New Jersey area to help them get the resources they needed. Families were being waitlisted, unable to get immediate therapy, putting their children at an unnecessary disadvantage. This is especially disheartening because we know early intervention is key to creating successful outcomes. 

We knew if we could each work with one child, that would be two families' lives that were forever changed. Two children, turned into five children and so on as word of mouth spread. Strategic Therapy was created because of the need for more behavioral therapy services, but thrives from the passion to help as many children as we can overcome the challenges that they struggle to live with everyday.

Through a seemingly insignificant conversation our incredibly impactful company was born.

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Our Staff

Carefully Selected, with Your Child's Safety and Satisfaction the Priority

CPR Certified

Pass a yearly background check

Minimum 3 years work experience with children with developmental disabilities 

Minimum of a 2 year degree

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Our Services

One-to-One Quality Behavioral Therapy From the Comfort of Your Home

We work hands-on with your family to create programs that are unique to your child and their needs, teaching them the skills they need to become the independent, successful child they deserve to be.

Boy Coloring


Chess Playing

Daily Living Skills

Group of Friends Going on Excursion


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"Although there is no cure for autism, various interventions diminish the symptoms, sometimes profoundly. . . From a research point of view, the most proven approach for children with autism remains behavioral therapy."

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