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Strategic Therapy

Behavior Therapy for Children Diagnosed With Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) typically have underdeveloped skills which can lead to engagement in challenging behaviors. Skill deficits are typically related to communication, socialization, and activities of daily living. 

Strategic Therapy staff create a safe and enriched learning environment where your child can acquire the skills that they need to reach their full potential.

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Autism Therapy

About Us

In-Home ABA Therapy

Our team works hands-on with you and your child to teach them skills that promote their independence and allow them to be active members of society. We use a comprehensive treatment package approach that's backed by research and experience to be the most effective.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) implements an individualized treatment plan created specifically for your child. This involves collaborating with your child's schools, daycares, and other healthcare professionals, attending IEP meetings, and accompanying you to places such as restaurants, grocery stores, shops, and the library. The BCBA also conducts weekly parent training and consultation to work with you one-on-one answering questions and providing updates on your child's progress. 

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Our Services

One-to-one Quality Care Behavioral therapy from the Comfort of Your Home

We teach children diagnosed with Autism a variety of vital skills that are proven to enrich their lives and boost their happiness. 

We work with children who have challenging behaviors such as pica,  aggression, destruction, stereotypy, and self-injury (SIB). 

Communication & Language Development

Works on expanding your child's vocabulary, increasing their usage of words, how to make requests, and self expression.

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Socialization & Play

Will teach your child how to sit or work in  a group, take turns, share, ask friends to play, functionally play with toys, and join in activities with other children.

Daily Living & Self-Help Skills

Consists of reviewing your typical day-to-day routines such as hygiene, dressing, eating, toileting, cleaning, and chores. Programs can be used to teach skills such as brushing teeth, washing hands, putting on shoes, and using utensils to name a few.

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Parent Training & Consultation

Caregivers have the opportunity to work directly with the BCBA, outside of sessions, to gain skills and knowledge that will help them work better with their child when they’re alone. The BCBA will review your child's progress with you, answer questions, and discuss challenges that may arise. Parent training and consultations are especially helpful for parents who do not have insurance or ABA coverage. This option makes it possible to benefit from receiving the training and resources only.

Behavior Reduction

We’ll teach your child socially appropriate behaviors to replace their current challenging ones. Reducing tantrums, mood swings, stubborn, and reluctant behavior.

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All children have the capacity to learn. It's our mission to find out how to teach them.

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We're excited to get started! Before we can schedule a consultation we need to contact your insurance to check your plans coverage. That way we can return your call with your benefits, and answer any questions that you may have. Please complete all fields in this form to get started. 

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